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Bills Not Looking Ahead posted on 11/05/2014

The Buffallo Bills are sitting in a good spot at 5-3, half way through the season, but they are far from alone. They are joined by Miami, Cleveland, and Kansas City, with San Diego, Baltimore with one extra loss and Indy and Pittsburgh with one extra win. It’s a very cluttered AFC and the playoff picture is looking more and more like a magic 8-ball. Each time you shake and flip it over, it reveals a new team to reach one of those playoff spots.

The worst thing a team can do is waste it’s valuable time trying to play fortune teller and predict who’s going to end up where, and the Bills are wasting zero time doing that.

When asked about the playoffs, Bills Head coach Doug Marrone said “I’m probably not a good person to talk about that, we’re just looking at Kansas City. I think that to spend time looking at what’s going on around you right now is really wasted energy. We need to spend a lot of time on ourselves in making sure that we’re prepared and ready to go out there and start this quarter against a good Kansas City team.”

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Can the Buffalo Bills make it to the playoffs in 2014? posted on 10/03/2014

The Buffalo Bills struggled to a 6-10 record last season, and the team ownership has not been settled. This is a team that has not made the playoffs for the past 14 years, the longest active ‘drought’ among the NFL teams.  During that span, the team has had six different head coaches and 12 quarterbacks.

But management has rolled the dice, so to speak, on quarterback E.J. Manuel. The 2013 first round pick will be looking at wide receiver Sammy Watkins, whom the team drafted this year after trading away their 2015 first round pick. Aside from Watkins, Manuel will have pass-catching targets in Robert Woods, Mike Williams, as well as running backs C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson.

Manuel’s status as the team’s franchise star has raised some questions amongst Bills fans. He was not exactly outstanding in his rookie season with a 58.8 completion percentage. Likewise, there is the question of his health as he endured three knee operations last season. Should his knees fail him again, Manuel will have to give the quarterback chores to backup Thad Lewis who’s good but certainly not a franchise star.

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