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AZ resident fiercely loyal to the Bills and Sabres

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I was born in Buffalo where I lived until the age of 5 and moved to Attica where I attended school. After graduation from high school, I went to Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona to major in telecommunications, met, and married the woman of my dreams. I still live in Arizona (29 years later) but remain an ardent follower of the Bills and Sabres. In fact, I still have a Drew Bledsoe jersey in my closet.

Yes, I have to admit, in my years in Phoenix I have developed an affection for the Cardinals, Suns, Coyotes, and Diamondbacks, but my affiliation to the Bills and Sabres remains unwavering. That will NEVER change. I am fiercely loyal to my hometown teams. In fact, I recently attended a Sabres-Coyotes game and cheered loudly for the Sabres.

I am a fan of virtually all sports and hope to lend some thoughtful insight to all of them. Please enjoy.

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cooking, grammar, spelling, sports, teaching, Writing

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Aaron Maybin posted on 08/10/2009

Sorry, guys.  I guess I'm out of the loop, not to mention 2,500 miles away.  Has Aaron Maybin signed yet?  Anybody think this guy is worthy of the position he was drafted?  I'm not implying he isn't.  It's just that living in Arizona, I don't get a lot of info on Penn State guys.  I hear he's the real deal.

 I did purchase the sports package last year on Dish Network and saw a couple UB games.  Kendall Gill seems to be the man.  Has this program turned the corner?

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Fitzpatrick a Decent Backup? posted on 08/10/2009

Just want to throw this out there for discussion fodder.  Fitzpatrick may not be a bad backup at QB.  I know this isn't a major conern for Bills fans, but I always thought Losman was a joke.  Fitz may not be your everyday QB, but I didn't think he was bad in the HoF game against the Titans (or was it the Oilers?) Sunday.  Heck, he's gotta be smart.  Didn't he play at Harvard?  Not that I really want to focus on the backup QB.

 Still not sold on Trent Edwards and his durability, but the guy's gritty and he can play.  You gotta believe.

Can Marshawn Lynch break a run beyond 3 yards since his arrest?  Just wondering.  Is Fred Jackson a suitable replacement?  Or was he a flash-in-the pan at the end of last year?  Just wondering about that, too.

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T.O. Goor or Bad? posted on 08/10/2009

You know, I'm the kind of guy who hated Terrell Owens when he was in San Francisco, Philly, and Dallas.  I've NEVER liked the guy who was bigger than the game.  I can't stand athletes who make more money than the average guy and bitch because they don't get what they want (or think they deserve).

The jury's still out on T.O., but I have to admit his appearance, albeit brief in the Hall of Fame game on Sunday, did make me smile. . .a couple decent plays.   For the most part, he's been unassuming, and his teammates seem to see him as the team leader.  Unlike his previous stints in the NFL, where he played in much larger markets, he's now the big fish in the small market that he seems to covet.  I'm hoping that his age has brought a level of maturity that wlll be positive for the entire league, as well as for the Bills.  At some point, you have to come to the realization that you're not bigger than the game, and I'm hopeful that Owens realizes that because, come on, what has he won anywhere else he's been?

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